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Digital Readout System (DRO)

Digital Read Out System systems for Machines in Chennai

Features :

  • DROII-2M--> For 2 axis milling machine, metal case
  • DROII-2L--> For 2 axis lathe machine, metal case
  • DROII-2L2--> For 3 axis lathe machine, metal case
  • DROII-2G--> For 2 axis grinding machine, metal case
  • DROII-3M--> For 3 axis milling machine, metal case
  • DROII-3E--> For 3 axis EDM machine, metal case

Characteristics :

  • Advanced electronic technology and personality design
  • Rapid response speed and powerful functions
  • Can directly calculate the sine, cosine and trigonometric functions in the meter
  • Solid and durable cover in power and signal is very strong
  • High quality and suitable panel, which simple and convenient for exchange

Functions :

  • Zero reset
  • Preset
  • Inc /mm conversation
  • ABS/INC coordinate conversation /200 groups coordinates display memory of Dower-cut
  • "1/2"Function key display
  • Linear error rectify
  • Sleep switch
  • 200 point auxiliary zero
  • Absolute Reference point of scale

DRO Functions :

  • Calculating smoothed are "R"(DRO-2M&DRO-3M are available)
  • Calculating simple&easy are "R"(DRO-2M is available)
  • Boring hole in oblique line(DRO-2M&DRO-3M are available)
  • 200 points auxiliary zero position function(DRO-2M, DRO-3M, DRO-3E AND DRO-2G are available)
  • Disparting hole for PED circle (DRO-2M, DRO-3M, DRO-3E are available)
  • Processing oblique surface(DRO-2M&DRO-3M are available)
  • Asymptotic processing for the inner of rectangle (DRO-2M&DRO-3M are available)
  • Finding automatically Zero position function (DRO-2M, DRO-3M, DRO-3E are available)
  • Simply calculating function (DRO-2M&DRO-3M are available)
  • Cutting-tool compensation function (DRO-3M are available)
  • Digital fill tracing function (DRO-2G are available)
  • EDM output function(DRO-3E are available)
  • 3M function(DRO-2M are available): This is used to process the erect oblique surface of Z-axis.

Technical Parameters :

  • Volatges: AC 85V-260V / 50Hz-60Hz
  • Power loss: 25VA
  • Working temperature: 0º C~45º C
  • Storage temperature: -30º C~70º C
  • Relative humidity: < 90%(20± 5º C)
  • Weight: 3.2kg
  • Coordinate: Two-coordinates & Three-coordinates
  • Display: 7 bit display data with sign, information window adopts 8 bit symbol output model
  • Frequency: Multiplication: 4*
  • Output signal of display counter: TTL Square wave
  • Multiplying power of input signal: >100kHz
  • Length resolution: 5μ M, 1μ M
  • Operating keyboard: Enclosed & film, slight-touch keyboard

Linear Scale Series :

  • Optical grating distance: 0.02mm
  • Power supply: 5V
  • Output Signal: TTL, RS422, ~1Vpp
  • Current: 50mA (accuracy: ± 3μ M, ± 5μ M, ± 10μ M)
  • Resolution: 0.1um, 0.2um, 0.5um, 5um, 10um
  • Plug connector: DIN7, DIN9, D-SUB9, other non-standard plug connectors
  • Travel: 25mm~6000mm
  • Accuracy: Normal accuracy, high accuracy
  • Used on various machine tools and high precision measuring machines including profile projector, Vision measuring machine, tool maker's microscope etc. Also can be used to upgrade old machine tools.